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Ashley Dufresne


Ashley is into all things Sailor Moon and anime. She is an artist in her own right, drawing in an anime style that is superb. Ashley collects Pop Figures, comic art, and Sailor Moon collectibles. She helps set up for Comic Cons, and helps manage Imagination Asylum, as well as producing art for media and our comic "Tales from Imagination Asylum".


Rich Dufresne

Always an artist... Rich started drawing at an early age. He has been designing characters since high school. Rich started sculpting in 1994. Fine tuning his sculpting skills, and starting Imagination Asylum in 2005, while attending college. Always designing NEW characters... the Imagination Asylum crew tried their hand at selling at New York Comic Con, selling all they brought except for one figure. They have since attended  Boston Comic Con, Bangor Maine Comic and Toy Con, and Vermont Comic Con. Rich's figures sell because they are detailed, and original.  Now Rich, Ashley, and Walter are doing a comicbook.

Writer / Computer trouble shooting

Walter Weeks

Walter writes storyline for our figures and comics. Him and Rich will sit and brainstorm until the story sounds right. Walter also has a knack for mishandling computers, and therefore solves most of the Company's issues with them. He listens to stuff like WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE. Who does that??

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