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Tales from the Imagination Asylum:

In an alternate universe... a spacecraft travels at warp. Unseen forces cause severe damage to the craft, crippling it, and causing the onboard reactor to go critical. The Earthmen on the ship try desperately to advert disaster... when the ship explodes!! As the ship breaks apart, and the astronauts bodies float into space, a dark sinister voice laughs. It can be heard in space!! From the void a techno-organic virus appears as if summoned. It swarms around the Earthmen's bodies, entering, changing them... into


The entity ABYSS never calculated that the will power of the Humans would override his programming with ease. They are now Zombies with attitude, with the power to adapt, and they fight for GOOD!!

Meanwhile Abyss can be heard laughing, whispering...

Oh you will do my bidding!!

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